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For starters the price to register a domain at Godaddy is great! Additionally you can almost always find a coupon code on the Internet to save even more on domain registrations as well as most of www.GoDaddy.com other services like hosting.

I often hear that people will register a new domain with the hosting company they choose to go with as their provider. This is absolutely not necessary and oftentimes creates more issues later. Most of the hosting companies tend to actually charge more to register a domain with them than Godaddy does. A number of hosting companies are known to make it difficult for you should you decide to change hosts or to just transfer your domain to another register, even charging you a fee if you want to move your domain.

You can simply keep your domain registered at Godaddy and point the name servers in your Godaddy account to where your host tells you, usually in the welcome mail you receive after purchasing hosting.

If you later decide to switch to another host, simply log back into Godaddy and change the name servers to what the new host tells you in the welcome mail they provide.

There is no need to move or transfer the domain to a different host each time you decide to switch to a new hosting company. Just keep the name at Godaddy.

You simply move the files of your site from one host to another.

Most hosts will help you with this if you have questions, and many of them even provide flash video tutorials for reference.

You will avoid a lot of trouble and hassle if you register and keep a domain at www.GoDaddy.com, rather than moving the actual domain name to a new host.

And again Godaddy is decently priced and remember there is always some kind of coupon code for Godaddy out there that will get you an even better deal.