First of all what is Cpanel you might ask. Cpanel is a popular control panel many hosting companies have installed for their customers. It is probably the most popular among Linux hosting. It has a nice easy to use and understand graphical user interface. Most of the controls are simple one click setup and boom you are done in cpanel. For example you have the domain name and you want to create an email problem simply go to the email in your cpanel hosting, click create a new email, enter and the password you want to use. Then enter the amount of storage space allowed for the email and click create it. That's how simple cpanel is. No complicated dns to setup or change.

Since cpanel is so popular among web hosting companies it also makes it very easy should you decide to switch to another host. If you select a host that also uses cpanel you can download a site backup and have the new host simply restore it on their server. No need to reinstall, setup, configure or any of that time consuming technical stuff.

Like anything some people love it and some people hate it. You can never please anyone. If you have never used cpanel and your new or current host does have it give it a chance. Because once you play around with it and get the hang of it you'll wish you were using it along time ago.

Because of it's popularity you will find many free guides, tutorials, and tips if you are new to it or just getting started in the world of web hosting.

The only drawback I really see with it is the licensing fee the host has to pay for Cpanel is a little more than some of the others and they tend to pass this along to the customer but this only amounts to a few cents per account on the server.

I have been using Cpanel for over 5 years now and I wouldn't use anything else on Linux hosting.